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Written by Oleg Starostin, JavaScript Architect at MobiDev

Businesses aim to make workplaces safer and reduce costs while rebuilding lost revenue due to the pandemic by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create a smart office.

IoT technology allows building managers to measure and control the interior environment of temperature, carbon dioxide levels, and humidity. This effort creates the optimum working environment for each employee and reduces energy consumption.

Useful solutions for office reopening in the post-COVID era include inventory management and enhanced security. One of the most time-saving and cost-effective IoT integrations is smart inventory. …

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Written by Yuriy Luchaninov, JavaScript Leader at MobiDev

In simple terms, WebRTC is the technology that provides peer-to-peer communication between web browsers and mobile applications. It is known as Web Real-Time Communication, which refers to open-source projects and allows transmission of audio, video, and data.

WebRTC developers mention that it is simple yet complex technology. The essence of simplicity comes down to the ease of implementation. It’s possible to use five to ten lines of code to organize peer-to-peer video communication between two browsers. At the same time, there is always a “but” when we work with technologies.

In the…

Written by Yuriy Luchaninov, JavaScript Leader at MobiDev

The stable release of Flutter for Web, which happened on the 3 of March, will seriously impact the industry, the possibilities, and peculiarities of app development.

Let’s unveil the mystery with Flutter 2, find out how it will change the alignment of forces in the market, understand what’s new in Flutter 2.0, and how it can benefit businesses. We have prepared valuable insights. So, buckle up — we’re taking off!

Since the first release of Flutter in 2017, this framework gained leading positions among cross-platform mobile development technologies. We did explore Flutter…

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Written by Daniil Liadov, Python engineer at MobiDev

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is among the top 10 most used protocols in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. It has a vast legacy behind it, having been used for over two decades before. Even today, it receives significant attention thanks to its lightweight, open-source nature and accessibility. IoT devices can communicate through it despite spotty network conditions.

Even though the latest version, MQTT 5, officially became OASIS standard in 2019, not many users have transitioned from the previous v3.1.1 MQTT. …

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This article was written based on our research and expertise in building real-time video processing products, together with creating pipelines for applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

When it comes to real-time video processing, the data pipeline becomes more complex to handle. And we are striving to minimize latency in streaming video. On the other hand, we must also ensure sufficient accuracy of the implemented models.

Overall, the live streaming industry has increased up to 99% in hours watched since last year according to statistics. So, it will totally change fan experience, gaming, telemedicine, etc. Moreover, Grand View…

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The Internet of Things plays a key role in digital transformation. However, in many cases, organizations realize that they already have a large fleet of legacy IoT devices that have been gradually deployed over the years. Many of these devices may not have been designed with security in mind.

One of the biggest concerns of IoT is managing the risks associated with a growing number of IoT devices. Information security and privacy issues related to IoT devices have attracted global attention, because of the ability of these devices to interact with the physical world. …

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What helps people overcome obstacles? Crushing obstacles is hard work. It requires a lot of planning, time management, inner fire, and a thorough understanding of your goals.

Without your objective in mind, it’s difficult to dig deep and push forward. Vision makes all the difference when you have a clear goal and know exactly how to accomplish it. Discipline, combined with a managerial approach, can help you overcome obstacles during these uncertain times.

Joe and Lin, two friends from childhood, own a mid-sized business in New York. …

The process behind virtually trying on apparel

Mannequins dressed up stylishly
Mannequins dressed up stylishly
Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

I hate shopping in brick and mortar stores. However, my interest in virtual shopping is not only limited to the buyer experience. With the MobiDev DataScience department, I’ve gained experience in working on AI technologies for virtual fitting. The goal of this article is to describe how these systems work from the inside.

How Virtual Fitting Technology Works

A few years ago, the “try before you buy” strategy was an efficient customer engagement method in outfit stores. Now, this strategy exists in the form of virtual fitting rooms. Fortune Business Insights predicted that the virtual fitting room market size is expected to reach 10.00 …

How to use data science to make more effective campaigns

Image by author

I know for sure that human behavior could be predicted with data science and machine learning. People lie — data does not. Taking a look at human behavior from a sales data analysis perspective, we can get more valuable insights than from social surveys.

In this article, I want to show how machine learning approaches can help with customer demand forecasting. Since I have experience in building forecasting models for retail field products, I’ll use a retail business as an example.

Moreover, considering uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ll also describe how to enhance forecasting accuracy.

And don’t worry…

Image by author Source

“Is it possible for a technology solution to replace fitness coaches? Well, someone still has to motivate you saying “Come On, even my grandma can do better!” But from a technology point of view, this high-level requirement led us to 3D human pose estimation technology.

In this article, I will describe our own experience of how 3D human pose estimation can be developed and implemented for the AI fitness coach solution.

What is Human Pose Estimation?

Human pose estimation is a computer vision-based technology that detects and analyzes human posture. The main component of human pose estimation is the modeling of the human body. …


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