Top 5 Software Development Trends for Startups in 2022

1. Flutter: The silver bullet for B2C and C2C startups

  1. Limited time to develop an application
  2. Dynamically changing app logic
  3. User-centric platforms with an emphasis on UX and customization
  4. Products with sophisticated design and animations

2. React Native: Developer-centric platform for mobile app startups

  1. MVP/PoC solutions with a simple client-server architecture, where it’s possible to sacrifice the complexity of the design.
  2. The support of an app after the release will be carried out by the team primarily consisting of JS engineers.
  3. Enterprise and B2B applications

3. PWA: Perfect fit for fast MVP app launch

4. Headless CMS: Scalable, Flexible, Fast, Secure

  1. Simplicity of building omnichannel experiences
  2. Flexibility — it’s easier to control the content, deciding where and how it appears
  3. Ease and speed of development — developers may independently choose optimal tools and technologies
  4. Superb architecture with a high level of security
  5. Extensive integration capabilities

5. Firebase: Convenient Tools and Services

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